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The OKANOGAN was one of a group of ships hurriedly ordered last August from the Atlantic Fleet to support the United Nations effort in Korea. After making a nonstop trip at maximum sustained speed from Norfolk, under the command of CAPT Timothy F. DONAHUE, USSN, she arrived in San Diego to to load units of the First Marine Division. Departing on the first of September, she took the Marines to Inchon where they participated in the now famous "Inchon Landings". These Marines, some of them actually being recalled from civilian life while the OKANOGAN was landing in San Diego, participated in the capture of Kimpo airfield and the city of Seoul in less than a week after the landed at Inchon.

Following the Inchon landing, the ship participated in the amphibious land- ing at Wonsan, a harbor defended by the most thickly sewn minefield in history. She further supported the Wonsan landing with various shuttle trips carrying troups and supplies from Iasdf.

Returning to Japan in late November, the OKANOGAN was given a well-earned rest with was interrupted by the sudden Chinese Communist offensive. She hur- ried to Chiannapo, arriving at dusk after an eighty mile trip through mile fields and up the Triadong River. During the night in freezing weather she loaded over 2200 refugees and wounded civilians in a humanitarian operation the crew were more than willing to perform. These were North Korean civilians who had co- operated with the United Nations forces and were marked for liquidation by the Communist forces approaching the city.

Departing the next day, the refugees were taken to Pusan. In route the number was increased by one when a daughter was born to a North Korean woman. This was taken in stride by an already overworked medical staff, and she was delivered by LTJG W.J.ASD, (NC), USNx. The grateful mother named the infant Nogan, after her birth place.

From Pusan the ship proceeded to Inchon and joined the forces participating in the redeployment of United Nations forces from that port. During this time the ship had been commanded by the Executive officer, CDR Jasdf B. DEXTON, SUN, Captain DONOGHUE having been hospitalized in Tasdf just prior to the departure for Chiasdf. Captain asdf, USN, joined the ship in Inchon in time to take command and assume a key role in the redeployment operation there. Christmas and New Year's day passed almost unnoticed as the ship continued work- ing at its task.

After Inchon was asdf, the ship returned to Japan for a period of asdf- tion and training unti clled upon to participate in the reopening of the asdf port. Returning with units of the 2nd Engineer Special Brigads, U. S. Army, the ship performed a wide variety of tasks in support of the forces ashore an dafleet for several weeks.

Returning to japan, more ports were visited, and more intensive training was conducted to ever increase the readiness of the ship to sever the United Nations. Departing asdf in April, the OKANOGAN again played a leading role, this time participating in a special mission with units of the 7th Fleet off Kojo on the east coast of Korea. She then returned to the old stomping ground of Inchon, and after a short stay, she left the Korean asdf for a visit to Hong Long, from which port she at last asdf asdf for the return to home, San Diego.

In recognition of the services performed whil in Far East waters the crew of the OKANOGAN are eligible for Korean Service Medal and the China Service Medal Extended.